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The band Skafari was founded in 1999 by some ska and rock fans as the “Safari Beat Club” house band, a famous live club for ska bands in Switzerland.
The band is a surprise-party-package where classics and covers are interpreted in their own style.
The sound of Skafari is defined by the powerful hardcore and rock tunes, a groovy reggae and its round ska beats adorned with some ragamuffin flirts.
The band once called “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes” of the ska music consists of vocals, 2 guitars, 1 bass, 4 blow instruments and drums, which together with their sick musicians are an obligatory anti-depressing receipt!
For this refreshing and enthusiastic band is a good live combo more important than technical perfection and anyhow, it’s exactly this relaxed way of making music that works as a magnetic field that pulls you again and again to the bar and makes you have an unforgettable evening.
‘Cause these guys just know how to make the audience’s itch for dancing increase 200%!

For over 13 years now, the likeable Grisons Offbeat paves 8 cylinder unrestrained his way through the music scene. In all renowned Swiss clubs, small and big open airs, or even in Africa, Brazil, Austria, Italy or Germany, the Ska-party kings attended with their wild cover versions over and over again for a sweaty audience.

Our thanks goes also to everybody that helped us along these years and to the ones that showed up on our gigs.
Thanks a lot for the support, rude boys and rude girls.
Keep on going to the concerts and buying cds, ‘cause the music scene is just so big as you make it!
Take care, enjoy the cd and we hope to see you all out at the shows!

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